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Youssouf Sabaly – New Talent

There’s a new kid in Ligue1 on the verge of stealing all the attention. He’s Youssouf Sabaly right back at Evian, on loan from PSG.

Evian’s coach Dupraz moved right back habitual Wass on the left side in order to make room for Sabaly and make him feel as comfortable as possible.

Sabaly’s most impressive skill is the tremendous ball control. He just loves playing with the ball and making all kind of tricks. He’s not like most players out there, losing precious time and getting tangled in unnecessary dribbling moves, instead he makes a real difference by taking opponents out of play. As a proof of that is the game vs Lyon when he constantly made a fool out of experienced Malbranque.

Exactly because of this attribute his intuition is at high levels. This makes it very difficult for opponents to outplay Sabaly with line changes as he foresees these kinds of movements. Outrunning him is also hard because of his acceleration and speed.

So when it comes to defending and making a difference in midfield Sabaly can be a real asset.

But a complete fullback is also useful in the offense. This is where Sabaly’s greatest weakness enters the scene. His lack of precision and shooting power prevents him from delivering long balls for teammates inside the box. He is aware if this and almost always is on the lookout for teammates nearby to deliver short passes or tries penetrating the box by himself.

At 20 he’s still very young and improving the precision and shooting power will be a piece of cake under the right guidance and in the perfect locker room.

With a market price of around 250.000 EUR and a French nationality, undoubtedly Sabaly will become in the foreseeable future a player that will arouse interest for many clubs in Europe.

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