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Value Football Betting

Value Football Betting

Value football betting may be the only thing separating professional bettors from amateurs. If you make an online search on “what is a value bet” you get all kind of nonsense as result. That is commercial content created by writers who don’t even know the basics of betting.

The purpose of this article is to explain the real meaning of value bets and how value betting can turn you from an amateur into a professional bettor. So what is really a value bet and how do we find it?

First of all everyone must understand that you can not add value to your betting activity if your are not familiar with the tournaments and the teams you are betting on. Value bets can rarely be found when we are selecting bets based only on form.

Value football betting means basically finding those games where bookmakers made mistakes in compiling the odds. A value bet is most the times a bet on a team considered underdog by the bookies. When the bookmakers give too much credit to a certain team odds are too unbalanced and value appears on the underdog. We can learn a bit about the mathematics of bookmaking and understand what the odds represent but that will only complicate things.

To put it simply, value bets can be spotted based on:

– tactics
– team news
– official statements
– recent performances

For example, when a powerful team will have 5 regular players injured their opponents will have a better chance of getting at least a draw. If bookmakers fail to adjust the odds that’s when the opportunity for a value bet appears. If a coach makes an official statement that he will be using players from the youth team next round that’s when the chance for value betting appears.

As you can see value football betting is determined by a couple factors that are known especially to those who are familiar with certain tournaments. Your best chance for finding value bets in football (or any other sport for that matter) is to pick a league and start watching games and reading information on that particular tournament. Only this way you will be able to exploit the mistakes bookmakers make when setting up the odds. Even so, don’t get your hopes up as bookies employ an army of people and are quick to adjust prices.

You can always count on us for finding value in French Ligue1 games, just read our weekend football tips. When it comes to the other leagues, you are on your own, or you can simply rely on a sports betting advice service with decades of experience to do the job and deliver results.

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