Valenciennes – PSG Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Valenciennes – PSG Preview

Well…both teams simply suck at the moment. It is no exaggeration whatsoever. And if in Valenciennes’ the bad form is visible only by looking at the results, in PSG’s case we must take a deeper look and not get fooled by appearances.

But let’s start with Valenciennes. As most analysts expected they got trashed last week away at an in from Nice. Valenciennes had no word to say in how the game evolved and they barely took the ball outside their own half.

The defense is so loose like baggy pants on a skinny model. For this game defender Nery will return after injury but it won’t make any difference. Most probably the hesitant couple Angoua – Rose will continue in the central defense. They are always late for the ball and always fall for the easiest of dribbling moves. On the sides only experienced Mater can be regarded as a stable fullback, as Lala, the left fullback is slow, inexperienced and with doubtful tackling skills.

For creating chances they rely mostly on the wings where they have a number of players to choose from: Melikson is an Israeli playmaker who arrived 2 seasons ago but failed to make an impression and proved to be only an average player, without much vision and intuition. Winger Dossevi is in a clear downtrend since Kadir and Danic transferred out, as he depended a lot on combinations with them. Chitu is a newly arrived who is mostly dusting the bench. It may sound weird but the biggest danger could come from young winger N’Guette, a fast player, with good ball control, shooting and passing skills.
Pretty soon I see this guy N’Guette transferring out…

Central midfielders are very slow and also lack stamina, making it almost impossible for them to react to quick players.

Along with Ajaccio and Sochaux, Valenciennes have the weakest team in Ligue1 and only by a miracle they will get something in front of PSG.

At the beginning when I said PSG suck I truly meant it. They can’t create anything without relying on long balls coming from own half and directed to Ibrahimovic or Lavezzi / Maxwell. But their luck is that Valenciennes suck way more…

PSG seem to lack the minimum of chemistry needed for a team wishing to become a power on the international stage. Anyone who saw the Champions League game against Olympiakos will admit to that.

But because of the talent and skills of the players (Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi, Matuidi and so on) they keep on getting good results, especially when up against teams of average value. The game against Monaco is the perfect example. They were up against a world class defense (Abidal – Carvalho) and could barely penetrate the box, in fact their goal came after a long pass (like always…) from own half.

This is why in Champions League PSG will never be a power, but in Ligue1 things are totally different, especially against teams like Valenciennes…

Both usual central defenders Alex and Silva are doubtful and most probably the couple Camara – Marquinhos will be preferred. They are not the most stable defenders out there, but for Valenciennes’ standards they are rock solid….

Hosts’ confused defense won’t be able to cope with Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi or Cavani. It may end up to be a real trashing, but in the same time PSG may not be that interested in making much efforts and could be happy with a minimum advantage.

That is why PSG -1 at the odds of 1.74 can be in the same time a safe and valuable bet.

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