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Valenciennes – Lille Preview

Football is not fair and we all know it by now. If it would have been fair Valencienens would have lost by a huge margin last round away at Lyon. Instead, they got an undeserved draw after barely reaching opponents’ half.

New coach Jacobs is trying some-kind of weird experiment. It seems that fullbacks are his favorite players so he uses 4 of them in the lineup. 2 as fullbacks of course and the other 2 as wingers.

Judging solely by Valenciennes’ last result this weird strategy paid, but judging by how the team performed in the field it was a disaster. The converted wingers had no idea how to act with or without the ball. They wanted to advance but it didn’t felt right so they turned back, and so on and so forth. All other players just stood there and watched in amazement this weird behavior.

The change of tactics is surely credited with the huge draw away at Lyon (when instead it was pure dumb luck), meaning they will most certainly use the same bizarre lineup.

Lille dominated last round but were without suspended top-scorer Roux. Ruiz was the one replacing him, but he was coming after a long and serious injury. Unfortunately he got injured again around min 30 and had to be replaced by young and inexperienced Origi (only 18). So Lille were a bit toothless upfront last round despite being permanently in control.

Now things will be different as striker Roux fulfilled his suspension and is ready for action.

Lille’s midfield in 3, Gueye – Mavuba – Balmont will be enough to stop Valenciennes’ shy and weird attempts on the wings. Valenciennes don’t even have the power of reaching Lille’s central defense, where Basa and Kjaer form a world class couple. Not to mention the amazing form of keeper Enyeama whose reflexes seem to be taken straight out Spider-man movies.

Odds of 2.12 for Lille to win should be taken without hesitation.

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