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Troyes – Caen Preview

Troyes Caen Preview


Troyes looked surprisingly good last week against Montpellier and with a bit more courage they could have scored the winning goal (finished 0-0). Troyes were a bit too cautious when going forward and as a result they missed a couple of good opportunities.

We’ve mentioned before that Troyes have failed to improve the defensive phase after promoting and only now are trying to address this problem. About two weeks ago they have transferred-in defender Mavinga and now central defender Martial has also arrived. They aren’t world class material but it can be a plus in comparison to last season.

Ever since they conceded six goals from Marseille two rounds ago, Troyes are more careful when going forward and put more emphasis on the defensive phase.


Really disappointing display from Caen last week against Lyon (lost 4-0). Defenders were outplayed without much efforts and fouling opponents was the only solution. Central defender Da Silva even got a red card and will miss this round.

But the good news is that Caen may welcome back defenders Imourou and Yahia as both of them resumed training.

Caen have only 2 players active in the attacking phase, striker Delort and winger Bessat, both of them newly transferred this summer. Coach Garande constantly rotates between Louis, Nangis and Bazile so none of them will achieve full potential too soon, leaving Caen with only one fully functional flank (where Bessat plays).

Last season was one of the best in play-maker’s Feret career but now he seems more defensive minded and doesn’t assume responsibility anymore as most his passes are for teammates behind or on the same line.


With Troyes not that adventurous lately and Caen relying on only two attacking players, this can be quite a boring and uneventful encounter. Troyes seem to have the upper hand, but if there is an advantage it will be seen after the break as in the first half the two teams will just study each-other and won’t take any risks. Draw at half time at 2.04

UPDATE: Troyes will have to do without injured winger Darbion. Great news for Caen as defenders Imorou and Yahia recovered and most probably will start in the lineup.

Troyes: Dreyer, Petric – Karaboué, Mavinga, Ngcongca, Othon, Saunier, Veskovac – Camus, Court, Nivet, Pi, Thiago – Bienvenu, Jean, B.Perea, B.Gueye

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Appiah, Alhadhur, A.Yahia, Ben Youssef, Imorou – Seube, Adéoti, Leborgne, Delaplace, Féret, Nkololo, Bessat – Rodelin, Louis, Delort, Bazile

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