Troyes – Brest Preview Round22 - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Troyes – Brest Preview Round22

Troyes are really showing some impressive football as of late, but still, in spite of that, they struggle with relegation woes.  They lost an important player, defensive midfielder Obaddi, transferred to Monaco.  He was important for both the defensive phase but the offense also. If offensively they have other resources to combat this loss, defensively they will have more problems than ever.

Defenders are hesitant in their interventions  and always too late for the challenge. With Obbadi gone now, there will nobody of his caliber to cover and give confidence.

Upfront they started using a young player Jean. He’s got skills no doubt about that, but lacks experience and many actions are ruined because of that. It’s no wonder why young players never become regulars over night and instead things are taken slowly. That wasn;t the case with Jean, as he became a regular in an instance.

The offensive midfielders Nivet and Darbion are by far their most dangerous players, and both of them happen to be in a good form. But creating and opening spaces only for the forward to have another miles away attempt can easily get frustrating…

Brest upgraded defensive midfielder Grougi to offensive midfielder. But his instincts kick in in every game and as a result Brest defend with at least 6 men. They are used with defensing in numbers and sometimes this technique worked for them. It didn;t worked only when striker Ben Basat was injured or out of form, and there was nobody there to take advantage on counters.

But now Israeli Ben Basat is in great form. Even if he is not scoring that much, he’s got playing appetite and seems to have worked on his speed. His much more dangerous and inventive now. Newly arrived winger Raspentino is determined to prove his skills and make an impact at Brest.

They are still missing winger Lesoimier who’s out injured, but with Raspentino and Dernis on the sides they can create enough chances for Ben Basat to pillage a chaotic defense.

I’m seeing many bettors/tipsters jumping on Troyes to win and this is a suicidal attitude. With inexperienced Jean upfront and a shaky defense they just can;t be trusted. Instead a bet on Brest to exploit this situation by applying tactics they are already familiar with (defending in numbers and trying on counters) is certainly worth. Double chance on Brest

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