Troyes Bordeaux Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Troyes Bordeaux Preview

troyes bordeaux preview

troyes bordeaux preview


Until now Troyes were losing games, but at least were performing at decent standards. But now they don’t care anymore, and last round it was a total fiasco.

They played against 10 for an entire half, but still suffered a shameful defeat (lost 4-1), mainly because they adventured upfront without having a proper game plan.

Most probably Troyes will continue with the same disorganized style, especially since there are no reasons to improve. Last week they seemed really happy after scoring, celebrated for a couple of minutes, and most likely their sole objective this round will be to find the net.

Hosts will miss defensive midfielder Thiago Xavier who is suspended.


Bordeaux are only 7 points above the relegation zone, but they have a game in hand. Unfortunately that game will be against Champions PSG and Bordeaux shouldn’t rely too much on those points…

Recently Bordeaux resumed with their preferred style in 2016, attacking down the flanks with experienced fullbacks Contento and Debuchy. Bordeaux can definitely have an advantage over most Ligue1 opponents, thanks to fullbacks’ skills, but this strategy has its downside. Bordeaux are too exposed in defense and opponents can easily find open spaces to exploit. This happened last round against Angers, when Bordeaux controlled the game, played in numerical superiority, but still lost 3-1 because of the goals conceded on counters.

Guests will welcome back defender Pallois after injury. Midfielders Chantome and Vada, and forward Malcom may also return.


With Bordeaux opening up without hesitation and Troyes’ focusing only on finding the net, this game is perfect material for betting on goals. OVER 3 GOALS at 1.97

UPDATE: Hosts welcome back important central midfielder Nivet. Bordeaux welcome back defender Pallois, midfielder Chantome and forward Ounas.

Troyes: Matthieu Dreyer, Franck Grandel – Aloïs Confais, Chris Mavinga, Rincon, Matthieu Saunier, Charles Traoré – Karim Azamoum, Chaouki Ben Saada, Fabien Camus, Yoann Court, Stéphane Darbion, Lossemy Karaboué, Benjamin Nivet, Jessy Pi – Henri Bienvenu, Deniz Hümmet, Corentin Jean

Bordeaux: Bernardoni, Prior – Debuchy, Guilbert, Pablo, Pallois, Poundjé, Yambéré – Chantôme, Plasil, Poko, Vada – Crivelli, C.Diabaté, Jussiê, Malcom, Ounas, Rolan, T.Touré

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