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Toulouse – Rennes Preview

Toulouse made a good game last round at Reims. Their win was totally deserved and almost all players left a good impression.

The one making an exception was once again forward Braithwaite who keeps on scoring (penalty this time) and disappointing in the same time (kind of a paradox).

Coach Casanova is fooled by Braithwaite’s so called efficiency (4 goals in 8 game) and continues to line him up every round. But Casanova fails to see the lost possession everytime the ball reaches Braithwaite, and the hard work of wingers Akpa Akpro and Sylla going down the drain.

Too many failed passes from Braithwaite and the ones that are successful are 50 cm short and don’t make any difference. Too many disrupted actions of teammates because of Braithwaite’s bad position and lack of vision. The saddest part is that gifted Israeli striker Ben Basat is left on the bench and constantly loses form.

Otherwise I have only words of praise for Toulouse, even attacking midfielder Trejo found some rhythm and participates more in each game. It looks like he finally adapted.

Toulouse is the only Ligue1 team using a defense in 3, but it is one of the most impenetrable defenses. Especially with experienced midfielders Didot and Chantome constantly providing a helping hand.

It’s been painful watching Rennes last round. They were leading 2-0 in min 60 but somehow managed not to win. Great efforts were made to achieve that kind of result…

Central defenders Armand and Kana Biyik are at opposite ends when it comes to attitude and behavior. If sometimes Kana Biyik couldn’t care less about what’s going on around him and is too lazy to lift a feet, Armand is always too eager to intervene. Forwards can dribble him only by faking a look the other way…

Rennes’ defensive midfielders should start bringing their pink purses to the stadium so they could at least arrange their make-up while opponents are bypassing them.

Striker Oliveira fulfilled his suspension and will return, but having out of form players around him (like Pitroipa, Feret or Alessandrini) he won’t be able to achieve much.

But the saddest thing was wingers’ Alessandrini performance after being injured for more than a year. Using the word “amateur” is a compliment… Own fans booed Alessandrini when instead his comeback should have been a celebration.

This game should be controlled by Toulouse, and whenever Rennes will try and stick the neck out their attempts will be too soft for opening hosts up…

Odds of 2.05 for home win are too good to miss.

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