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Toulouse – Montpellier Preview

Awful performance from Toulouse last round away at Metz (lost 3-2). It is true they got a red card with half an hour to go, but by that time opponents had already scored 3 goals.

Coach Arribage tried to improve the defensive strength and started with Kana-Biyik in the lineup. But since Kana-Biyik is one of the slowest players in Ligue1 this choice did more harm rather than good. He was substituted at half time but unfortunately for Toulouse replacement Yago wasn’t any better.

With so many spaces in defense it is no wonder Toulouse have sunk so deep and are now so close to Ligue2.

More problems are foreseen this round as hosts will have to do without fullback Tisserand and defensive midfielder Grigore, both of the suspended.

Montpellier defended with lucidity last round away at Monaco and even managed to create a few dangerous opportunities. They missed a good chance to win the game as forward Barrios somehow failed to score from the penalty spot.

Although Montpellier don’t really play for anything (Europa League ambitions are a bit far fetched…) they are performing at high standards and can prove to be one of the most difficult opponents in Ligue1.

The defense is solid, the midfield is creative and forwards are efficient (even if once in a while they miss a penalty…)

Creative midfielder Martin returned 2 rounds ago from injury but started only on the bench. Until he will be ready to play for 90 minutes coach Courbis can rest assured he’s got a talented player on the bench that can make the difference.

Toulouse lack inspiration as of late and their position in the table will only make them be more aggressive and negligent. It doesn’t take huge efforts to score against Toulouse and a well glued group like Montpellier shouldn’t have any problems. Montpellier DNB at 2.23

UPDATE: No surprises in the squads.

Toulouse: Ahamada, Boucher – Akpa Akpro, Moubandje, Kana-Biyik, W.Matheus, Ninkov, Yago – T.Doumbia, Aguilar, Blin, Regattin, Bodiger, Trejo, Sirieix – Ben Yedder, Braithwaite, Pesic

Montpellier: Jourdren, Ligali – Congré, Hilton, Tiéné, El Kaoutari, Deplagne – B.Dabo, Lasne, Sanson, J.Marveaux, J.Martin – Mounier, Bérigaud, Barrios, S.Camara, Bakar

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