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Toulouse – Monaco Preview

Toulouse were really impressive last round away at Bordeaux (won 1-0). Bordeaux made a couple of huge defensive errors, but that shouldn’t take away any of Toulouse’s credit.

They got a red card early in the first half, but still pushed the game forward and played like nothing happened.

[restrict paid=true level=1]Play-maker Chantome is still injured but it seems by now they are accustomed with this situation. Regattin, mostly a bench warmer in the first part of the season, is now a regular and plays an important role in Toulouse’s strategy. His ball control abilities are nothing out of common, but he can make a difference through speed and precise passes. With Regattin’s help Toulouse have more attacking options now, they don’t have to concentrate only on the wings.

Central defender Abdennour will miss once again because of injury, same as fellow defender Spajic (suspended). At a first sight missing 2 regular defenders (from 3 as they play in 3-5-2 system) can be quite a blow, but it won’t be the 1st time Abdennour is out, while Spajic can be substituted by Yago, who just returned from injury.

Monaco’s coach Ranieri is the main responsible for the points lost last week (only 1-1 at Montpellier). Ranieri sacrificed a winger (Carrasco) in order to start with 2 forwards (Falcao and Riviere). Also because Riviere was chosen to start, central midfielder Obaddi had to play on the flank and his potential was heavily reduced.

Although Riviere scored 8 goals so far this season, he is nothing but a mediocre player who doesn’t excel in anything. Ranieri may be a big name, but looks like aging started to affect his decisions… Most probably Riviere will start once again, reducing Monaco’s offensive potential, and even the defensive one, as Obaddi won’t make the same efforts in the defensive phase.

Toulouse had troubles creating chances and finding the net this season. Activating Regattin could prove to be exactly what Toulouse needed to solve their problems.

Hosts should get at least 1 point in front of a side unable to achieve full potential…Toulouse +0.5 at the price of 1.82 with medium confidence.[/restrict]

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