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Toulouse – Evian Preview

Once again Toulouse had an offensive approach last round against Bastia. They dominated, had the best of chances but in the end couldn’t score and ended up losing 1-0.

It must have been painful for Toulouse and this feeling of frustration will certainly make them extra motivated against Evian.

Toulouse play nice football, both pleasant to the eye due to the offensive mentality and also effective. Upfront they are capable of fast paced actions thanks to the chemistry between forwards Ben Yedder and Braithwaite.

The only issue seems to be defending the flanks, mostly because of their 3-5-2 system with emphasis on the offensive phase.

Last round Toulouse missed fullback Matheus and central defender Veskovac who are once again doubtful ahead of this game. Central defender Spajic also suffered an injury and is ruled out.

Once again French referees played a major role in deciding the final outcome of a game. A big credit for the draw between Evian and PSG last round (finished 0-0) goes to referee Bastien. Not necessarily because PSG got a red card (more or less deserved) but because of nagging fouls by Evian that went unsanctioned by the referee. The bosses of French football do everything in their power to prevent PSG from taking a huge lead as everyone from fans to sponsors will soon lose interest in Ligue1. So when referees force a certain surprise to happen they all take pride in how balanced Ligue1 is…

But the truth is Evian play the worst football in Ligue1 so far. Defenders make amateurish mistakes, midfielders can be easily outplayed and don’t participate enough in the offensive phase, and if forwards touch the ball 4 times in 90 minutes there’s a party after the game, so Toulouse’s defensive absences shouldn’t cause any concern.

Evian’s only dangerous player is midfielder Wass, but not from open play but from free-kicks. Hopefully Toulouse’s keeper Boucher will be extra careful at set pieces. Toulouse -0.75 at 2.03

UPDATE: Toulouse still miss Matheus, Veskovac, Tisserand, Didot, Akpa-Akpro plus defender Spajic. Same bet.

Toulouse: Vidal, Boucher – Grigore, I.Sylla, Yago, Moubandje, Spano, Ninkov – Sirieix, Roman, Trejo, Aguilar, Regattin, Bodiger, Furman – Braithwaite, Pesic, Ben Yedder

Evian: Hansen, B.Leroy, Durand – Abdallah, Sabaly, Juelsgaard, Mongongu, A.Angoula, Jon.Mensah, Cambon – D.Koné, Sorlin, Benezet, Barbosa, Camus, Wass – Nsikulu, Bruno, Nielsen

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