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Toulouse – Caen Preview

Toulouse were outsmarted last round away at Reims and lost 2-0 in the end.

Although they held possession Toulouse simply couldn’t open up Reims who managed to score an early goal and concentrated on killing the game afterwards.

From an offensive point of view Toulouse started this season in force. They used to create many dangerous opportunities in all areas of the field, but they slowly reduced rythm and nowadays only concentrate on building actions down the flanks where their 3-5-2 system should give them superiority. But it’s no rocket science to understand how Toulouse operate and develop a strategy to combat them.

Toulouse should welcome back captain Aguilar and forward Braithwaite after injury.

Just like 2 rounds ago Caen made a decent game but ended up losing 1-0 (away at St Etienne). Coach Garande took everyone by surprise and left winger Nangis and striker Duhamel on the bench (by far their best players so far). By the time both of them were in the field it was already too late.

Still, overall Caen looked decent as they covered wide areas, they were precise in interventions (well…besides the own goal) and had a pleasant and effective playing style.

Caen will welcome back defensive midfielder Kante who was suspended last round.

Toulouse will definitely be the ones taking charge of the game (even away from home they aren’t afraid to take initiative) and Caen won’t have anything else to do except defending and trying to strike on counters. If coach Garande will once again leave Duhamel and Nangis on the bench guests will find it difficult to hit back, otherwise they have good chances of returning home with at least 1 point.

UPDATE: Toulouse welcome back defenders Tisserand and Matheus and midfielder Aguilar.

Toulouse: Boucher, Ahamada – I.Sylla, Veskovac, Ninkov, Grigore, Akpa Akpro, Moubandjé, Tisserand, Matheus – Aguilarn, E.Didot, Regattin, Sirieix, Doumbia, Trejo – Ben Yedder, Pesic

Caen: ercoutre, Perquis – Calvé, Appiah, Raineau, Pierre, D.Da Silva – Adéoti, Saez, Seube, N.Kanté, Lemar, Féret – Nangis, Raspentino, Koita, Bazile, Duhamel

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