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Toulouse – Bastia Preview

Tough luck for Toulouse that this game was postponed. Now their problems are way bigger than about 2 weeks ago.

Important midfielder Chantome returned from a long injury about 2 rounds ago, but could only play about 10 minutes in each game. He is clearly out-of-form and some time will pass until Chantome will be able to achieve full potential.

Meanwhile Toulouse are toothless upfront as all their 3 forwards (one on the bench) lack vision and precipitate every time after touching the ball (just like a virgin on wedding night…)

In these circumstances Toulouse rely mostly on wingers, both for building and for converting chances. The real bad news is that both wingers Akpa-Akpro and Aurier will be suspended against Bastia, along with central midfielder Didot.

I really can’t imagine what Toulouse’s strategy will be and in which part of the field they will focus. In the center they have only Argentinian Trejo who is a caricature of a play-maker, and on the wings coach Casanova will have to improvise, and even convert players from other positions.

Still that shouldn’t change their usual mentality, meaning Toulouse will push hard, involve all 3 central midfielders in the offensive phase and constantly pressure opponents. But they lack creativity upfront and organization at the back.

Bastia were overwhelmed last round by Marseille’s value and organization. I don’t think Bastia had more than 1 attempt on target. They also lost keeper Landreau and fullback Cioni who suffered injuries.

But Landreau can be substituted by Leca, a solid keeper who made a great game against Bordeaux 3 rounds ago (Bastia won 1-0). Cioni is just a substitute and played last round only because regular Diakite was suspended. Diakite will be back now.

Bastia have 3 solid defensive midfielders (only 2 play) who can single handedly reject all of Toulouse’s attempts.

Bastia’s offensive players excel in speed and ball control, and are capable of surprising Toulouse’s defense in 3 (Toulouse play in 3-5-2 system).

Price of 2.05 for Bastia +0.5 is simply too high.

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