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The transformation of French football – episode AS Monaco

After PSG, newly promoted Monaco is the 2nd team that will enjoy what seems to be access to unlimited resources.

Thanks to Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, As Monaco now have legitimate title hopes. Before taking about Monaco’s acquisitions we should get acquainted with Rybolovlev.
In spite what Forbes and other magazines of its kind tell us, Rybolovlev made his fortune after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the West imposed over night privatizations in all industries (or as they called it: 24h reforms). This happened all across the former Soviet space, but the consequences are mainly seen in today’s Russia, where all oligarchs are the product of West imposed reforms.

Basically workers from all factories, with little to no knowledge on capitalism, stocks or shares, where tricked into selling their shares on pennies (vodka money) to those that had access to an education and were to become the elites.
Rybolovlev while being young had that access to education as he came from a family of doctors.

He made his first millions by deceiving honest Russian workers, taking their shares on vodka money and selling on the market for a much better price. Basically he was the intermediary that helped create the Russian class of oligarchs and getting to be one of them himself.

Now, let’s get back to As Monaco. Since last season already they are called a team of mercenaries and to be honest this is well understood. Only mid term season transfers helped Monaco promote. In the middle of last season they’ve brought in players like Obbadi or Riviere from Ligue1 clubs, players that abandoned their clubs in the middle of the fight only to gain a few extra euros. This is why Monaco are known among French football lovers as a team of MERCENARIES.

Leaving that aside, the transfers they managed to make are quite impressive and are definitely raising to the name of the owner…

The offense will be Monaco’s most impressive department, with striker Radamel Falcao, helped by Rodriguez and Moutinho’s creativity. They will be able to apply all kinds of tactics in attack: constant pressure but also counter strikes. I don’t think that at this point there’s a Ligue1 defense that can successfully resist to that kind of speed and creativity.

But things are changing on the other side of the team, where Abidal and Carvalho are the new stars in the defense. We all know them, there’s no need of introductions. We also can fairly say that the peaks of their careers has long gone, and last season where one of their worsts.

Of course, Ligue1 is another thing, a different football, a different mentality, but to be honest most teams are starting to concentrate on offensive power rather than preemptive play, so an old and out of form defense can have big difficulties in front of fast and agile strikers with enough vision.

As a conclusion, Monaco’s games this season should be a delight for football fans, with many scoring opportunities and goals on all sides. As Monaco should be your primary candidate for over 2.5 bets in Ligue1.

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