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Supercup PSG – Bordeaux preview

We can have a glimpse on how Ligue1 will look this season when PSG and Bordeaux will meet in the Supercup in Gabon.

The friendlies played so far are somewhat irrelevant so we will not be concentrated on those results, but instead the changes in the teams (that will make all the deference) will be brought to your attention.

When it comes to PSG they haven’t lost any important player ( maybe only Beckham in regards to their marketing strategy and not the actual playing style…) and furthermore they’ve transferred in striker Cavani, fullback Digne and 2 defensive midfielders that belong to PSG but were loaned out, Bodmer and Rabiot, both of them talented players.
Of course everyone will pay attention to the partnership Ibrahimovic – Cavani, a duo that will undoubtedly give headaches to all Ligue1 teams. But actually the most important arrival for PSG will be that of left back Digne from Lille.

He is exactly what PSG lacked, a solid fullback on the left side. This season he will be substituting Brazilian Maxwell. Maxwell is Digne’s opposite, the Brazilian lacks discipline, speed and even tackling skills. Maxwell is much more suited to be a left midfielder as he’s often involved in offensive actions but forgets to withdraw, leaving his teammates to deal with all the pressure.
Many of the goals PSG conceded last season were the result of Maxwell’s absence from his usual position.

Like said previously, Digne is exactly the opposite, he respects his position, he’s reliable and his tackling skills are clearly visible.
Now PSG have enough offensive power not to rely on fullbacks for advancing and endangering the entire team, so this is why Digne will be a huge improvement for PSG, making their defense almost impenetrable.

On the other side, Bordeaux lost an icon, fullback Tremoulinas went in Ukraine to Dynamo Kiev. Everyone must know that Tremoulinas was the heart and soul of Bordeaux. All their actions were based on his inventivity and creativity. He used to take the ball and advance on the left flank, engage in triangles with Maurice – Belay and Obraniak and deliver deadly assist for Diabate.
When he was out, all of those mentioned before were invisible and barely touch the ball.
It will be impossible for Bordeaux to compensate his absence and the only solution will be changing the tactics completely. Needless to say that it will take some time for this to happen, time in which Bordeaux will be lost.

Unfortunately that’s not all the bad news for Bordeaux. They will have to do without the services of Planus, Brechet and Henrique, all of them suspended. If Brechet is a newcomer (ex Troyes) Henrique and Planus will be severely missed.

Coach Gillot will be forced to improvise a defense and maybe even use newly arrived Savic from Dynamo Dresden…

Besides those suspensions, Bordeaux will have to deal with with the injuries of Faubert and striker Diabate. With the way Bordeaux looks this season, it can be said that Diabate will be their most important player. Too bad he’s out for this game…

Bordeaux will suffer both in the defense and in the offense. PSG should control the game from beginning till end and put a few past a newly formed defense with questionable abilities to say the least.

PSG -1 @ 1.99 at the time of writing, but odds will be going down for sure

UPDATE: Odds for PSG -1 down at 1.81 after 48h since publishing this preview

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