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Successful transfers

Is not worth mentioning Ibrahimovic here as he arrived for a fee that could feed all the ghettos in Paris for a year (or more)…but instead there are a few arrivals (some late in the season) that will definitely make a difference n this league:

Diego – Now at Reims, the Brazilian integrated almost from the first training session. Observing Reims offensive phase anyone could clearly understand that players get along very well, like they’ve known each other for years.  More of a winger than a true blooded striker, Diego is now the wild card behind Reims’ good result. For a fee of around 500.000 Euros, this was a deal that undoubtedly will boost Reim’s season and will save them from the relegation fears. Skilled and confident he would be a great asset for many teams in Europe. But after this season will end (hopefully without any injuries for him) his price will go up like Apple’s stocks…It is foreseen that his value will have a nice multiplier by the end of the season, with the condition of carrying on the good performances of course.

Cvitanich – The Argentinian striker is exactly what Nice lacked. A forward capable of carrying on actions by himself.  Cunning and slippery (he comes from the land famous for the “Hand of God”) he already feels like home at Nice. Until now he caused the expulsion (red cards) for several opponents just by knowing when to lift his feet and when to stay put.  We’ll rarely see such vision as his. The power of intuition is his major strength.  A precise shoot and dribbling skills make from him a complete player, either a box striker or a following forward. For around 400.000 Euros that was a deal many French teams would have wanted.

With sporting directors (or scouts or coaches) that suggested these transfers French football will grow for sure. But when huge amounts of money are spent on players that barely touched the ball so far (take Lavezzi for example) there’s only one way to go, down.




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