Strasbourg Caen Betting Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Strasbourg Caen Betting Preview

Strasbourg were dominated last week away St Etienne, but still managed to win a point. They successfully took advantage of opponents’ mistakes and got back into the game twice (finished 2-2).

Although key midfielder Martin managed to score a goal, his overall performance was kind of disappointing. Many of his passes missed the target and he also easily lost possession.

The biggest problem for Strasbourg remains the loose defense. They kept only one clean sheet this season (in the first round) and judging by their performances, it won’t happen again too soon…

Caen were dominated on home ground last round against Bordeaux, but defended with confidence and won all points (finished 1-0).

They were extremely organized and at least 6 players were constantly involved in the defensive phase. It was impossible for opponents to catch Caen off guard.

Hosts welcome back midfielder Goncalves. In comparison to last round Caen will be without wingers Bessat and Kouakou.


Odds on Caen seem a bit too low, especially knowing how loose Strasbourg can be in defense. Still, opponents are in decent form, and Caen aren’t accustomed with midweek games.

Strasbourg: Kamara, Oukidja – Seka, Mangane, Koné, Salmier, Lala – Grimm, Aholou, Gonçalves, Martin, Nogueira, Lienard – Terrier, Sacko, Blayac, Bahoken, Da Costa, Saadi

Caen: Rémy Vercoutre, Brice Samba – Frédéric Guilbert, Romain Genevois, Alexander Djiku, Adama Mbengue, Yoël Armougom – Baïssama Sankoh, Ismaël Diomandé, Durel Avounou, Jonathan Delaplace, Jessy Deminguet, Youssef Aït Bennasser, Julien Féret, Stef Peeters – Jordan Nkololo, Ronny Rodelin, Ivan Santini.

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