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Sports Betting Investment Better Than The Stock Market?

sport betting investment

There is a common misconception that investing in the stock market is not for everyone and that sports betting investment is more accessible. Stock market was never only for the elites, everyone could use their savings and buy stocks based on what they saw on TV or read in the newspaper. On the other hand for turning sports betting into a profitable activity it takes discipline and a solid money management plan. Even the mainstream media approached the subject and made a comparison between stock market and sports betting (a bit biased…).

Investors pick between the stock market and sports betting based mostly on their preferences. You will have difficulties in convincing a football fan to buy pharmaceutical stocks, but he will be placing football bets weekly without thinking twice. The same goes for stock market investors, they will find sports betting a waste of time, especially if they don’t like sports and they know that Alibaba and Yahoo are about to strike a deal.

Let’s compare long term results from both the stock market and sports betting. Throughout stock market’s history, the average yearly return for periods of 25 years or longer has been around 9-10%, and that includes dividends. Actually 10 % is great considering that Warren Buffet (the most successful investor of the 20th century) advised everyone to expect a 7% return from the stock market. Well, in sports betting, any professional investor would laugh only to hear of returns less than 10% per year. So when comparing long term results, sports betting investment is definitely the way to go

Stock market is after all only about long term profit, but if by any chance you are interested in fast profit we can compare that too. Google for example is one of the most important companies in the world, and at the moment of writing the stock price is 590$. So with 600 $ you can buy only 1 Google stock and expect that to grow 100% in order to double your money and make 1200$. But that will never happen in a single day (if it does be sure it will be suspended from trading) but you can double your money with sports betting after a meticulous game analysis. All the serious betting advice services on the market provide daily selections with odds around 2.00, meaning you can double your money overnight with sports betting investment, unlike the stock market. Google may not be the best example as you can also trade currencies or commodities, but it’s exactly the same, there are once in a lifetime opportunities when the selected commodity will double price overnight. But why wait a lifetime when you can do it every day?

Some may say sports betting investment has its downside as many sporting events worldwide are fixed. Well actually the same goes for the stock market and we call that insider trading. Game fixing in sports betting = insider trading at the stock market.

Let’s compare the risks of investing in the stock market versus the risks of betting on sports. Since the stock market offers so little rewards people are inclined to invest more and circumvent any money management plan they have previously set up. Losing discipline when investing is obviously very risky and it becomes gambling. Risk is pretty much associated with returns and since sports betting can be more rewarding is also less risky.

All stock market investors should get past the mindset that sports betting is not for them, as it can bring more profit with less risk. You can even succeed in case you know nothing about sports, just hire the services of a professional sports betting advice service .

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