St Etienne Strasbourg Betting Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

St Etienne Strasbourg Betting Preview

St Etienne won only 1 point in the last 4 rounds and things are getting pretty serious. If up until now they used to at impose the rhythm, last week away they got clearly outplayed away at Lille, and had to defend for most of the game (Lille won 3-1).

St Etienne’s biggest problem is in the attacking phase. They don’t have a real finisher and also lack a central midfielder with good ball control skills. This season they relied mostly on attacking midfielder Cabella and winger Hamouma, but both struggled with injuries so far. Midfielders are forced to advance frequently and that is why St Etienne conceded at least 1 goal per game so far (14 goals in 13 rounds).

New coach Sable didn’t change the system and most probably St Etienne will continue in the same formula in the next rounds.

Strasbourg were a bit lucky to win all points last week against Rennes. Opponents were in charge of the game, but a red card changed everything. Strasbourg played in numerical superiority for about half an hour and managed to win 2-1.

Strasbourg are doing pretty good lately in the offensive phase. They scored in almost all games lately (they failed two rounds ago against Troyes, but it was because of a red card), regardless the cost for the defensive phase.

Hosts will have to do without winger Hamouma, midfielder Cabella and fullback Gabriel. Strabsourg will be without midfielder Goncalves, but welcome back forward Terrier and Da Costa.


St Etienne will probably be very aggressive trying to end the bad run. Strasbourg should play along, as they never say no to an open encounter. Over 2.50 at 2.07

St Etienne: Maisonnial, Ruffier, Moulin – Perrin, Théophile-Catherine, Janko, Pierre-Gabriel, Pogba, Mbengue – Pajot, Diousse, Maiga, Selnaes, Hernani, Souici, Pinheiro – Diony, Bamba, Monnet-Paquet, Soderlund, Goncalves

Strasbourg: Bingourou Kamara, Alexandre Oukidja, Ernest Seka, Kader Mangane, Bakary Koné, Yoann Salmier, Kenny Lala, Quentin Othon, Jérémy Grimm, Jean-Eudes Aholou, Jonas Martin, Vincent Nogueira, Dimitri Lienard, Martin Terrier, Ihsan Sacko, Jérémy Blayac, Stéphane Bahoken, Nuno Da Costa, Idriss Saadi.