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St Etienne – Caen Preview

Coach Galtier made a weird decision last round and started with 2 strikers for the first time this season. He sacrificed the defense and there was no possible way to deal with the likes of Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Lucas.

We all now the outcome, St Etienne was trashed away at PSG 5-0. Furthermore this change of system came when Perrin, St Etienne’s most experienced defender, is out injured.

Maybe coach Galtier tried to animate the offensive phase as St Etienne have problems when it comes to creating chances. They have tremendous talent in midfield but somehow St Etienne’s fails to get inside opponents’ penalty box. And when midfielders manage to provide decent assists striker Erdinc makes sure everything is in vain…

It is no wonder St Etienne scored only once in the last 4 games (Europa League included) and the goal came from penalty…

Caen were really unlucky to lose last round (1-0 against Rennes). They started the game in force, created a couple of decent opportunities but everything changed after midfielder Kante got a red card.

Even in 10 Caen were equal to Rennes for most of the game and didn’t cease to threaten once in a while. But all those extra efforts led to exhaustion and Caen started making mistakes that helped Rennes score the winner in the dying minutes.

Good news for Caen who will welcome back key striker Duhamel after injury. Replacement Koita was very disappointing so far as he managed to miss some incredible chances.

Tricky game this one with St Etienne holding most of the possession but struggling to open up Caen who are extremely dangerous on counter thanks to the talent of Feret, Nangis and Duhamel.

UPDATE: Offensive players Gradel and van Wolfswinkel are out injured for hosts.

St Etienne: Ruffier, J.Moulin – Bayal, Brison, F.Pogba, Théophile-Catherine, Tabanou, Baysse – Cohade, Lemoine, Clément, Corgnet, Diomandé – Erding, Hamouma, Monnet-Paquet, Mollo, Saint-Maximin

Caen: Vercoutre, Perquis – Calvé, D.Da Silva, Pierre, Musavu-King, Appiah, Raineau – Adéoti, Seube, Saez, Féret, Lemar – Nangis, Raspentino, Bazile, Koita, Duhamel

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