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St Etienne – Bastia Preview

I know that football is a team game but in St Etienne’s case there’s only one person guilty for the bad recent results, and he is not even pàlaying: coach Galtier.

Why is Galtier guilty? Well because he changes players too often, and not any players, but the ones that pick up form and are responsible for building up the play.

St Etienne mainly creates on the flanks through the wingers. One by one Hamouma, Tabanou or Cohade picked up form, found a rhythm, but weren’t allowed to develop further and their form decreased.

Whenever a winger is on top of his game he is quickly substituted or left on the bench in the next round. Now, I understand that St Etienne have a big and talented squad, but constantly preventing your players from reaching full potential just can’t be explained.

Instead leaving on the bench, or at least taking out the game, players like Erdinc for example, who is constantly missing the ball when trying to shoot…, coach Galtier substitutes the most in form players.

Besides preventing top form to be achieved there’s also a constant and extreme feeling of competition, when instead players should be concentrating on collaboration. There’s always a sword over their heads and fear that with each lost ball they may be substituted earlier than usual.

I don’t believe Galtier is ill intentioned and on purpose hurting St Etienne, but by the time he will realize what the constant premature changes do to the team it may be to late…

I put too much trust in Bastia last round but sadly they could not cope with the millions injected in Monaco. Still Bastia had their share of chances and not exploiting the opportunities made it way easier for Monaco.

But we have to be patient and understand that this is a new team for Bastia, a team in which emphasis is placed on attacking the flanks with Krasic and Boudebouz / Khazri and delivering balls for Keseru who after all is in his first season for the Corsicans.

Trust me when I say that Bastia look good and have great potential and once they will find a rhythm not many teams will be able to stop them. It is only a matter of getting started, and playing against a team whose players are constantly fearing reprisals of being substituted can be the perfect moment.

Guests can take advantage of St Etienne’s fragile morale and return home with something. If that won’t happen, it certainly won’t be a trashing like in Monaco’s case. At the odds of 1.94 Bastia +1 looks more than decent.

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