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St Etienne Angers Preview

st etienne angers preview


St Etienne are coming after a difficult trip at Paris (lost 1-0 in the Cup), but it was a game played mostly with reserves.

St Etienne are having difficulties at the moment, as they won only 4 points in the last 6 rounds. The biggest problem is by far the lack of a valuable striker. Forward Beric is injured, Roux is only mediocre and St Etienne are forced to rely only on attacking midfielders.

Long distance shots play a major role in St Etienne’s tactics, and if by any chance Roux somehow scores, you can be sure it was on the rebound.

Hosts will welcome back important forward Hamouma after he was suspended in the Cup.


Newly promoted Angers are having a great time in Ligue1. They have a small squad and rely primarily on huge collective efforts.

There are however a couple of players that are really important, and without them the overall strength would diminish considerably: midfielders Mangani and N’Doye and forward Sunu. But as long as they are free of injuries Angers are a powerful opponent and can take points from most Ligue1 sides.

Every single player is involved in the defensive phase, and even if they start all games with 3 forwards, Angers are very compact and opponents rarely find spaces to exploit.


St Etienne aren’t very inventive this season and it will be really hard for them to open up a confident and compact side like Angers. Hosts may held possession, but remains to be seen if they will find a way inside the penalty box.

UPDATE: In comparison to last Ligue1 round hosts will miss winger Monnet-Paquet and fullback Malcuit. Angers will have to do without forward Camara

St Etienne: Ruffier, Moulin – Polomat, Brison, Perrin, Malcuit, Bayal Sall, Pierre-Gabriel – Pajot, Clément, Corgnet, Cohade, Eysseric, Lemoine – Roux, Maupay, J.Bamba, Hamouma

Angers: Butelle, Letellier – Andreu, G.Angoula, R.Thomas, I.Traoré – Auriac, Capelle, Diers, Manceau, Mangani, C.N’Doye, Saïss, Ngosso – Karanovic, Ketkeophomphone, Sunu, S.Sissoko

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