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Sochaux – Monaco Preview

Sochaux finally have appointed a new coach, Herve Renard, former coach of the Zambian national team.

I am not really sure how good of a choice Renard is. I mean you know how it is when coaching a national team. You have a training session once every couple of months and besides that you only get to pick the players to represent the respective country. That’s about it.

And in Renard’s case it’s not like he coached an important or at least decent club in the past (USM Alger, Cambridge, Cherbourg…). It remains to be seen what kind of an impact he can make but I am more than circumspect.

Regarding Sochaux’s last game they were simply trashed away at Bordeaux (4-1). The defense was too loose, midfielders were confused and the offensive players invisible.

If new coach Renard is not a Merlin like wizard Sochaux will have the exact same look this week. In fact they will look even worse as no less than 3 players are suspended: fullback Corchia, winger Contout and defender Kante. On top of that fullback Roussillon is still injured, same as midfielder Nogueira. Only defensive midfielder Carlao will return from suspension.

Hard times for Sochaux. Especially the right side will suffer immensely with both the fullback (Corchia) and winger (Contout) being absent.

It’s no secret that Monaco loves to build up play on the flanks. It is their favorite tactic and it also allows them to fully exploit the speed and talent of players like Ocampos, Carrasco and Rodriguez.

Central attacking midfielder Moutinho found a good rhythm after being injured for couple of rounds. Now he successfully participates in actions created down the wings and generates numeric superiority, either by dragging opponents after him or engaging in short triangles.

With Sochaux having to improvise a new right side, Monaco will just tear them to pieces.

Monaco will be without fullback Kurzawa (but replacement Tisserand is solid enough) and forward Riviere (Riviere is only mediocre punching above his weight)

Bookies made their homework and the odds on Monaco -1 are only at 1.73. But it is good enough considering the difference in value and possibilities between Sochaux and Monaco. Coach Renard will just have to wait in order to get his first Ligue1 point.

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