Sochaux – Lyon preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Sochaux – Lyon preview

Believe it or not, when they will get a proper rhythm and develop playing relations, Sochaux can become one of the most pleasant team to watch in Ligue1.

Their power lies in the fullbacks: Corchia and Faussurier, both talented players that love being involved in the game, taking actions on heir own and serving vital assists or having a go themselves.
But Faussurier only arrived this season and he’s not that comfortable yet, while Corchia has to combine with Eickmayer in order to advance, a young player, promoted from the 2nd team, with a defensive playing style that doesn’t suit a fullback like Corchia.

Until chemistry will reach higher levels Sochaux will suffer in mediocrity, just like it happened in the 1st round away at Evian, when they were lucky enough to get 1 point from a game in which they were clearly outplayed.

Upfront Sochuax relies too much on wingers Contout and Boudebouz, both of them out of form (even if Contout scored last round). If Boudebouz’s skills are undeniable, Contout arrived last year from Auxerre, played many games, but failed to score or make an assist. In fact last game was his best yet for Sochaux, and considering that the entire team (Contout included) was bad, imagine him in an average day….

On the other side we have Lyon that started the league in the best manner possible. They simply destroyed Nice 4-0. Everything worked out for Lyon just as they planned. We have to admit that Nice had some absences but so did Lyon, for example important defensive midfielder Gonalons was out, same as defender Kone, forcing Fofana (usually a def mid) to play as a central defender. Now both Gonalons and Kone will return and things will go back to normal.
Only Umtiti (suspended), Ghezzal and Vercoutre remain out, but it’s not that big of an issues.

In the upper half the offensive midfielders Gourcuff, Grenier and Lacazette worked great together, they were like magicians, hiding the ball, long or short passes, long range attempts, dazzling triangles, you name it… It was a feast for the eyes of any football lover.

Leaving aside value that clearly speaks for the visitors, nowadays chemistry also plays a big part in the outcome of a football game, and chemistry is also clearly on Lyon’s side.

At the moment of writing odds of 2.08 are just great for Lyon. Most probably it will go down under 2.00 until kickoff time. So hurry up and take it while it’s still juicy.

UPDATE: Some rich uninformed guys placed a couple of big bets on Sochuax +0.5 and so the odds for Lyon rose at 2.21. This just can”t be missed…

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