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Sochaux – Ajaccio Preview

Ever since this season started Sochaux are going from bad to worse. It appears that best players Roudet and Boudebouz are still on vacation dragging back the entire team.

If Roudet at least tried, even if he missed the ball most the times, Boudebouz hasn’t even made the 1st team last round…

But this is the last of their problems, considering that central defender Kante will be suspended for this encounter. Most probably he will be substituted by Peybernes and once again it will be like watching Charlie Chaplin monkeying around. He was the one responsible for Montpellier’s winning goal last round, as he was in a deep meditation trance when the ball got past him in the dying moments of the game.
Together with shaky Carlao they will be the central defensive couple and anyone wishing for some laughs should watch them in action.

At the moment fullbacks Corchia and Faussurier are the strongest points of the team, but none of them is fully exploiting his potential. Corchia has his mind set on a transfer while Faussurier is newly transferred and he needs many more games before developing playing relations with teammates.

With midfielders Roudet and Boudebouz out of shape, and Countut having questionable skills, Sochaux’s reduced creating power will be the knife stabbing them in the back.

On the other side we Ajaccio, a team full of fighters, starting with keeper Ochoa and finishing with striker Mutu. Just like last season, Ajaccio’s strongest point is by far the solid defense and coherent organization.
Sometimes it just seems there’s no possible way to bypass Ajaccio’s defense, unless the referees start pushing opponents… And when a hole finally appears, Ochoa’s reflexes instantly turn opponents’ hair grey…

In the midfield newly arrived Pedretti successfully integrated in the squad and with each round he assumes more and more responsibility by attempting courageous and decisive deliveries for teammates.

Only upfront there seems to be a problem, especially now with offensive players Eduardo, Cavally and Oliech out injured. Mutu will be the sole one upfront, and even if he seems to be in a standstill, his attitude is the right one, as he’s constantly pushing himself, trying to prove critics he still has a word to say… True or not remains to be seen, but what’s known for sure is that even Mutu’s kid could score against a defense Carlao – Peybernes…

Odds are wrongly set by some reasons that are beyond my power of comprehension.
Ajaccio +0.50 at 1.92 is pure value.

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