Round 18: Reims – Lille Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Round 18: Reims – Lille Preview

[pullquote]Under 2.5 goals is as sure as death…[/pullquote]Reims are having a disastrous run as of late. Even if their game seems better now than it did about 2 rounds ago, results still fail to appear. Forward Courtet is back from injury but that haven’t changed much in their offensive display. While he was out, winger Diego, his main partner “in crime” lost form and now there’s no offensive player to create anything or convert. The defense holds it ranks pretty well, with central defenders Weber and Tacalfred being always on alert. The midfield also helps a lot in preempting dangerous actions to be born. All in all Reims are a decent team at the back, but they’re lack of power upfront can drag them back to Ligue 2.

Lille are having a disastrous season, just like Montpellier. But if for Montpellier things are looking better, for Lille some time will pass until they will be getting the results their name and fame are asking for. Keeper Landreau left the squad but that’s not really relevant, as his replacement Elana is doing a great job. And the defense in general is doing a great job. They are firm on their positions, and not only that, they also take part in the offensive phase (mainly because their offensive players are made from clay…) and eve manage to score, like central defender Basa did last round following a corner. The bad part is when we look at the upper half of the team. It’s a disaster over there. Winger Kalou doesn’t even make the team anymore, forward Roux has the power of a girl (not the Power Puff Girls…), winger Payet needs 10 attempts to before finding the net, and so on.

Under 2.5 goals is as sure as death…

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