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Round 14: Reims – Brest Preview

After forward Courtet got injured Reims became impotent upfront. Even new sensation Diego started to fade slowly but surely. He’s got no real support for his actions and as a result he just gave up, stopped trying.

Hosts aren’t able to keep the ball in the other half of the field and because of that they always end up being dominated.

The defense with Weber and Tacalfred is stable, but let’s be honest here, they are not world class players and under constant pressure (due to the lack of proper offensive players) they crack.

They really need some decent enforcements as the season is long and harsh. Without at least another skilled player upfront they are sure victims for most opponents. No matter how much coach Fournier raises the discipline level it will all be for nothing.

Brest improved recently exactly where they were suffering the most: in the defense. At the beginning they were easily bypassable with common dribbling moves, but now they gained some confidence which is helping them be more stable.

In the attacking phase they aren’t any clones of Messi but there’s enough chemistry and will to create and pose danger. Away from home they had obvious problems so far, but  Reims may prove to be the perfect opponent for getting on the right track.

This may very well be boring game with few actions on both sides. There will be a pillow on each seat at the stadium in case fans will want to get a nap… Considering that Reims will be pushed by the desire to end their bad run, Brest have a chance of exploiting that. If they will manage to close ranks at the back (and it’s a high possibility for that, knowing that Reims are toothless upfront), eventually they will be able to hit on counters and take their first points away from home.


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