Round 14: Nancy – Ajaccio Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Round 14: Nancy – Ajaccio Preview

Nancy surprised everyone last round by managing to score 3 goals. Of course they stayed committed to their strategy of scoring through their defenders, Puygrenier and Andre Luiz.

Overall Nancy is a very weak team. There’s almost no quality but most importantly there’s not much determination either. The midfield has no real solutions for pushing the ball forward, and if by any chance they would come up with something it would be in vain as there’s no capable player upfront to convert.

At the back their defenders are more preoccupied with scoring and often abandon their positions, leaving their teammates in dangerous situations.

There’s the need of a real revolution at Nancy and the sooner it happens the better will be, otherwise they have a place reserved in Ligue 2 for next season…

Guests continue to score tons of goals away from home but on own soil have aiming problems. There’s no pressure upon their shoulders when playing away and as a result the team does better.

The defense has some slip ups but overall is able of doing a great job. Defensive midfielders are always on high alert and read the game very well. They are able to anticipate any next moves, preventing tunnels and any other dangerous passes.

Mutu is still far way from his declared goal when coming to Ajaccio (top scorer title) . However his attitude improved, he seems to be getting along well with teammates and because of that his performances are also improving.

Guests will be able to resist to Nancy’s crippled attacking attempts and maybe even take advantage on counters. The way these teams look at the moment Ajaccio won’t get back to Corsica empty handed from this game.


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