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Round 14: Montpellier – Bordeaux Preview

Form and confidence are at the opposite ends for these two teams.

On one hand we have hosts Montpellier that have disappointed so far in the current campaign, with obvious defensive issues and mediocre finishing, and on the other hand we see guests Bordeaux fully enjoying their great run.

Forward Herrera hasn’t adapted to European football so hosts are using a back up plan, namely Charbonnier. He’s got Crouch’s profile, although not the same height as him. He moves slowly around the pitch so the element of surprise doesn’t exist.

Since he started playing there are many long balls looking for him and this has a bad effect on their game. They missed a couple of offensive regulars in the past rounds, players that now will return. Maybe the most important one is winger Utaka. With his vision and skills he can change the way Montepellier looks.

But he won’t be alone, as Belhanda and Camara will also join him in the field after missing previous rounds. The midfield will have a different face and they will be able to keep the ball longer and create dangerous actions.

On the bad side they have 2 suspensions that may affect them: defensive midfielder Saihi and fullback Jeunechamp.

There are already lots of errors in their defensive display, and now with these guys out, don’t expect that to stop, but on the contrary it will increase.

Bordeaux are doing great at the moment. Confidence is running high and so are the expectations. One of the most important players, Obraniak will miss this game, reducing the offensive power. They rely a lot on actions carried on the flanks, where fullbacks Tremoulinas and Mariano advance a lot and create useful superiority.

Even with Obraniak out, they still have Maurice Belay and Gourcuff, and believe it or not, the first one seems to be Tremoulinas’ favorite for partnership on the left flank.

The defense improved since the first rounds . There’s a lot of precision in their interventions and there’s always a back up in case one defenders gets taken out of play. Sometimes it just seems that Bordeaux plays in 12 or 13…

Difficult game for both sides but with a small advantage for the guests as morale means a lot in this game. Even if Montpellier will be pushed by their condition as title holders, they will have hard times unlocking Bordeaux’s tight defense.

Guests won’t leave empty handed…

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