Round 14: Marseille – Lille Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Round 14: Marseille – Lille Preview

Marseille were clueless upfront in the midweek in Europa League against Fenerbahce. Everything looked good in the midfield, as they were able to move the ball around in all cormers of the field and create many spaces, but when it came to capitalizing on the opportunities it was like a foreign language to them…

They were without their 3 main offensive players: Gignac, Remy and offensive midfielder Valbuena. Striker Gignac is still injured but the great news for them is that the other two will most probably return.

With Valbuena in the field their game will have an entirely different face as they will be able to push the game closer and closer to Lille’s net.

In the defensive phase they hold their ground pretty good. They were able to successfully reject all counters (and there were a few) created by Fenerbahce’s offensive players, valuable and skilled players like Sow, Kuyt or Baroni.

Winger Amalfitano is suspended but it won’t be a vital absence.

Lille were very lucky to get all the points from Belarus in Champions League. The fog was so intense that spectators could barely see the ball and Bate’s amateurish attitude also helped a lot…

Lille were without several regulars but their game was very similar to their usual style. They take a lot of time when creating and aren’t able to surprise through speed. They easily get frustrated by losing many balls in building attempts so they start with long range shots that end up miles away…

There won’t be any important absentees for them, but that doesn’t mean they will be having an upper hand here.

The strongest part of the defense are the sides with experienced Debuchy on the right and Digne on the left (many big names in Europe are chasing him). But in the center Basa and Chedjou make many mistakes, they can’t maintain the concentration level and are often caught of guard.

Marseille should take all the points here against a confused Lille. These points will help them bounce back and stay competitive in the fight for the first places in the league.


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