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Rennes – Toulouse Preview

Rennes Toulouse Preview



Convincing performance from Rennes last round away at Lyon and an impressive win that will surely skyrocket the confidence level (Rennes won 2-1).

Newly transferred winger Zeffane made an incredible game and was all over the field. Most of Rennes’ actions involved Zeffane in one way or another. It’s not yet clear if Zeffane was so active because he was up against his former team (used to play for Lyon) or simply all his skills doubled overnight…

The bad news for Zeffane is that once Ntep will recover from injury he will surely become a bench warmer (that is if Ntep doesn’t transfer out).

Rennes is one of those Ligue1 sides that sometimes use a winger as the lone striker. Last round for example Henrique started upfront and even if he made a good game (managed to score) it is sad to see this happening especially when the team involved has a decent budget.

Hosts will welcome back central defender Mendes after suspension.


If last round Toulouse wouldn’t have scored so early maybe they would have pushed more and won 3 points instead of just 1. Midfielder Doumbia scored his first goal this season after just 20 minutes and Toulouse took the foot off the gas and decided only to exploit on counters. Unfortunately for them the opponent was very experienced and the game finished in a draw (1-1 against Monaco).

Surprisingly midfielder Trejo was one of the most active players on the field. Since his arrival at Toulouse he was shy in performances but something seems different this season and hopefully Trejo will continue in this manner.

Forwards Pesic will be available again after suspension.


This time bookies got it right as prices are properly adjusted. Rennes deserve to be favorites but Toulouse have a solid team this season and will definitely give some headaches.

UPDATE: At last Rennes’ key winger Ntep returns from injury. Bad news for Toulouse as in-form midfielder Doumbia got eight-month prison sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol and without a licence or insurance. Most likely he will not serve time behind bars as the judge recommended the sentence be commuted to the wearing of an electronic bracelet instead. Still, the club suspended him (internal decision) for an undetermined period.

RENNES: Costil, Sorin – P.Mendes, Ab.Diallo, Mexer, S.Armand, Danzé, S.Moreira, Baal, Zeffane, Hountondji – Y.Sylla, G.Fernandes, B.André, F.Diagne, Mbengue, Prcic – Pedro Henrique, Sio, Poha, Grosicki, Ntep

TOULOUSE: wAhamada, Goicoechea – Kana-Biyik, Spano, Moubandjé, Ninkov, Yago, Tisserand – Akpa-Akpro, Blin, Bodiger, E.Didot, Regattin, Somalia, Trejo – Ben Yedder, Braithwaite, Pesic

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