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Rennes – Toulouse Preview

Rennes lost 3-0 last round away at Marseille but they weren’t that bad as the scoreline suggests.

Upfront Toivonen is very active each round and it’s hard for opponents to keep up with him. He is continuously moving and creating spaces. This playing style has its setbacks as in the second half Toivonen often gets tired and can miss even the easiest of balls. But until that happens Toivonen can be relied upon to make the difference.

Newly arrived offensive midfielder Habibou played his first game for Rennes (only about 20 minutes) and looked incredibly determined and in-form. He is definitely a player that can inspire teammates and add a bit of energy in the center of the field where Rennes were kind of apathetic so far.

Rennes are deficient at man-marking so defending against set pieces seems to be their major weakness.

Fullback M’Bengue suffered and injury last round and is doubtful.

Even if Toulouse scored 3 times last week (drew 3-3 with Caen) they have clear problems in the offensive phase (2 goals from penalties and 1 a gift from opponents). Trejo and Regattin are simply useless as play-makers and they are only on the bench nowadays. As a consequence Toulouse have 3 defensive minded midfielders in the center. There is no way for Toulouse to create any kind of decent actions in the center of the field, so they only concentrate on building on the flanks. Even before the half time whistle Toulouse’s wingers simply get exhausted as all the balls pass through them.

Defensively they can be easily surprised on counters, like we could see last round when Caen scored 3 goals without adding much pressure.

Toulouse don’t change tactics when they play away from home. This is why Rennes shouldn’t have too many problems in exploiting the holes in guests’ defense and in the same time confidently reject everything Toulouse create on the wings. Rennes -0.5 at 2.28

UPDATE: Rennes are without fullback M’Bengue and winger Grosicki. Defender Tisserand makes his first appearance for Toulouse.

Rennes: Costil, Sorin- Moreira, Armand, Danzé, Diagne, Mexer- Pajot, Prcic, Doucouré, Hunou, Fernandes, Konradsen- Henrique, Toivonen, Ntep, Hosiner, Habibou.

Toulouse: Vidal, Boucher – Grigore, Tisserand, Ninkov, Yago, Sylla, Akpa Akpro, Veskovac, Moubandjé – Aguilar, Sirieix, Didot, Trejo, Regattin, Doumbia – Pesic, Ben Yedder

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