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Rennes – Montpellier Preview

At the moment Rennes is the most in-form Ligue1 club and fully deserves the 4th place in the table.

They made a really smart game in the midweek away at Nice, as besides winning 2-1 they also managed to preserve energy. They scored without pushing too hard, gave away initiative afterwards and successfully defended on two lines for the rest of the game, leaving the opponent to struggle till exhaustion.

Young winger Ntep scored again and is now Rennes’ top-scorer with 6 goals. There is simply no stopping Ntep and at the moment he is one of the best and most promising players in Ligue1.

Striker Toivonen was only a bench warmer but replacement Habibou made a good game, was very active and even took part in the defensive phase. When it comes to speed and stamina Habibou is by far a better choice than Toivonen.

Rennes will welcome back midfielder Fernandes after suspension and he will strengthen both the defense and the offense.

Montpellier imposed the rythm last round against St Etienne but failed to be convincing in their efforts (lost 2-1). Forward Camara was once again one of the most active players but we could see his limitations when up against an organized side.

They tried to switch the play from one side to the other and then in the center but everything was in vain as Montpellier should have been more creative and determined.

There is no denying Montpellier look better than about a month ago but unfortunately they are limited in capabilities and even at maximum potential there is nothing impressive about them, especially in comparison with Rennes. Rennes -0.5 at 2.09

UPDATE: No surprises in the squads

Rennes: Costil, Sorin – Danzé, Diagne, Armand, Mexer, M’Bengue, S.Moreira, B.André – Doucouré, Pajot, Brüls, Fernandes, Konradsen – Hosiner, Habibou, Ntep, P.Henrique, Toivonen

Montpellier: Pionnier, Ligali – Congré, Hilton, Tiéné, El Kaoutari, Deplagne – J.Marveaux, J.Martin, B.Dabo, Lasne, Sanson, Saihi – Mounier, Bérigaud, Barrios, So.Camara, Bakar, Ribelin

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