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Rennes – Marseille Preview

Rennes’ Cup game against Nancy only proved that last week’s amazing victory against Toulouse (won 5-0) was nothing else but a once in a lifetime display that doesn’t characterize Rennes’ current form and capabilities.

Rennes rested a couple of important players, like keeper Costil, defender Armand and winger Pitroipa. Also striker Oliveira was only a substitute. Now all of them will come back but to be honest I don’t see much of an improvement. Keeper Costil seems to be more preoccupied on keeping his “most sexy Ligue1 player” title. Central defender Armand is too impatient and jumps on opponents like a cannibal, while Pitroipa forgets to let the ball go.
The only one able to inflict damage is striker Oliveira but he needs proper assists otherwise he relies only on long shots. But against keeper Mandanda it won’t be so easy…

Most likely Rennes will start again with attacking midfielders Kadir – Alessandrini – Pitroipa whom I still find to be out of form, even if they played a major role in Rennes’ historic win at Toulouse.

There are no news regarding the situation of central midfielders Pajot, Konradsen and Doucoure, meaning they will miss once again through injury.

Marseille suffered a humiliating defeat last round on home ground. Rumor has it the days of coach Baup are numbered. This can be a tragedy for the players because he usually lets them have their own way. Replacing him could mean drastic changes in their footballing life and even in their private one. This is why I see Marseille being very determined this round.

The good news is that A Ayew is suspended. Actually this is great news… If Baup wants a more offensive lineup he can use both Khelifa and Gignac at once, or he can simply use Cheyrou instead of Ayew for a more conservative line-up.

I see Payet and Valbuena being the key players in this clash. Their fast paced actions can destabilize Rennes’ central midfield with Makoun and Bakayoko, and also create vital chances for Gignac who will himself alone in font of a fragile central defense (Kana Biyik – Armand).

Marseille DNB at 2.02 is the best and safest option. If the odds on +0.25 will get higher (currently at 1.68) you can take it for some easy money.

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