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Rennes – Caen Preview

It’s been a shy start of 2015 for Rennes especially from an offensive point of view. Everybody expected more from them but it seems that attacking players aren’t exactly in the best of forms.

Forward Toivonen is very active but unfortunately can’t even hit the target from penalties. It’s kind of sad when a central defender gets to be the first choice for taking a penalty. This happened in the midweek Cup game against Reims when Armand stepped up and took responsibility.

The prospects are grim as there are no news regarding the injury of key winger Ntep and most likely he will sit out once again.

Caen were very pragmatic last round and took advantage of every single mistake opponents made, and they made quite a few… (Caen won over Reims 4-1). Surprisingly top-scorer Duhamel started only on the bench but replacement Privat didn’t disappoint and even managed to score.

Caen were happy to let opponents control the midfield as it meant more spaces available in case of counters. There are good chances they will apply the same strategy this round, only this time it may not work as Rennes are highly organized and have a lucid defense.

But unfortunately for Rennes, a lucid defense inevitably gets weaker when teammates involved in the offensive phase aren’t able to keep possession, push the game forward and convert clear chances.

Caen’s recent confidence boost and Rennes’ offensive problems should be taken in consideration before placing any kind of bets on this game. A game played mostly in midfield is foreseen with both sides concentrating primarily on exploiting any mistake the opponent may make.

UPDATE: Caen welcome back midfielder Adeoti and forward Bazile.

Rennes: Costil, Sorin – Armand, Mexer, S.Moreira, B.André, Diagne, Danzé, Zajkov – Pajot, G.Fernandes, Doucouré, Brüls, Prcic – Habibou, P.Henrique, Toivonen, Hosiner

Caen: Vercoutre, Perquis – Calvé, Appiah, Da Silva, A.Yahia, Saad, Imorou – Adéoti, Seube, N.Kanté, Lemar, Féret – Privat, Nangis, Bazile, Duhamel, Koita

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