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Rennes Caen Preview

rennes caen preview


Rennes were mostly dominated last week away at St Etienne, but since opponents weren’t very incisive in the attacking phase Rennes won a valuable point (finished 1-1).

Rennes also suffered a bit upfront, especially because they missed three players that could have made a difference, winger Ntep who is by far Rennes’ best player, winger Grosicki who is not exactly a key player but is in good form and confidence, and winger Zefanne who is extremely fast and can take opponents by surprise.

According to latest reports the mentioned players aren’t back in training yet, so they may miss once again.

Winger Pedro Henrique was Rennes’ most active player, tried his luck a couple of times and even managed to find the net.

In defense Rennes were nothing special and only thank to opponents’ lack of inspiration they conceded only once.

It seems that Rennes’ home strategy isn’t exactly paying off, as it’s been a while since they last won at home (end of September). They adventure upfront without thinking twice and don’t have a solid defensive phase to resist to fast counters.


Caen started last round in force, they were determined and pushy, but they may have got too adventurous, a gap appeared in midfield and opponents simply took over the game (Lille won 2-1). It was a surprising result, especially considering Caen’s good form and confidence. But to be honest it may have been exactly what Caen needed, as they may have got a bit carried away (Caen are 3rd in the table), and are now back on Earth.

Most Ligue1 sides focus on a single attacking strategy (either attack on a single flank or use mostly long balls, etc) but Caen evenly distribute actions on all areas on the field and easily switch from one side to the other.

Attacking players Delort, Bessat and Rodelin are maybe the most important players in the team, but Caen don’t rely on individual talents, and instead collective efforts is the major strength.

Defensive midfielder Seube suffered an injury last week and is doubtful for this game.


Odds are way too unbalanced especially considering that Rennes don’t usually make the most of their home games. Caen should be more cautions now after the defeat last round and concentrate on striking on counters, strategy that could bring them all points Caen +0.25 at 2.05

UPDATE: No surprises in Caen’s squad

Rennes: Squad not communicated yet

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Appiah, Alhadhur, A.Yahia, Da Silva, Ben Youssef, Imorou – Seube, Adéoti, Makengo, Delaplace, Nkololo, Féret – Bessat, Rodelin, Delort, Bazile

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