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Rennes – Ajaccio Preview

Renens just waved bye bye to striker Erding transferred at St Etienne. He wasn’t in the best of shapes but still, he was talented and experienced and had the killer instinct, unlike Oliveira, Rennes’ current striker.

The great news is that winger Alessandrini is back after a year long injury. It is not clear yet if he will take part in this game, but to be honest that doesn’t really matter, it’s more a question of morale to see Alessandrini on the bench, in a home game, after a year of suffering.

Konradsen and Pajot form a great couple of central midfielders. Both of them have defensive playing styles and it suits Rennes perfectly, especially since the central defense Kana Biyik – Armand can’t be relied upon.
Kana – Biyik often seems oblivious of everything going on around him, he simply doesn’t care enough to raise his feet of the ground, while Armand is at the other extreme, he’s always in a hurry, making him prone to mistakes and an easy victim of simple line changes.

This is why the constant help provided by solid Konradsen and Pajot makes all the difference and assures a stable and solid defense.

But when it comes to the offensive phase the two already mentioned take little part in it, leaving all the burden on the shoulders of the wingers Pitroipa and Kadir and playmaker Feret.

To put it simply all those three suck at the moment. Feret was once a feared free kick taker but now all his shots end up hurting fans in the stadium. Pitroipa gets lost in too many unnecessary dribbling moves, and Kadir just arrived from Marseille’s bench. He’s a talented player, but will need some time to adjust and find a proper rhythm.

Rennes’ only hopes are the long range attempts coming from striker Oliveira. But Ajaccio’s keeper Ochoa is one of the most experienced players in the world and won’t be fooled by a curling ball.

Please don’t get the wrong idea only by looking at Ajaccio’s last result (2-3 vs Evian). To characterize Ajaccio in a few words: solid defense and weak offense.

Last round however they managed to score 2 goals after being 3-0 down and the opponents already celebrating. At that point Ajaccio adopted a savage attitude, a jihad like playing style and scored 2 goals by chance after agglomerating the box.

Needless to say that this kind of tactics can’t be applied in a normal game and Ajaccio will resume with their usual playing style: nailed to the ground defense and 3 central midfielders always there to defend and never ready to attack.

I’ve already mentioned Ochoa in the goal that will give big headaches to a Rennes team relying on long range attempts.

Upfront Ajaccio are just like an old man with no teeth, never able to take a bite of the meat. The easiest of chances are somehow missed, but still inexperienced coach Ravanelli insists with arrogant Mutu upfront (to be honest there aren’t many alternatives for them…)

This game could be successfully prescribed by doctors as a substitute to sleeping pills…

Usually Ligue1 offers us safe bets on under 2.5 goals, but it looks like this game is the safest of them all…

Under 2.5 at odds of 1.70 should prove to be a safe and profitable bet.

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