Reims – Toulouse Preview Round22 - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Reims – Toulouse Preview Round22

Hosts will welcome heir two bets players, forward Courtet and winger Diego. Without them hosts are toothless upfront and can;t even hurt a Ligue2 defense. With them in the field, other players like Fortes or Ghilas also get more exposure and become more involved in the game, making the entire team play at a new level.

They have a decent defense with Weber and Tacalfred, but only when there’s no constant pressure these two can play at maximum capacity and keep focus. And of course, pressure doesn;t exist when their own teammates have the ability to keep the ball and create dangerous actions themselves.

With Courtet and Diego back in the squad, Reims have the ability to pose threat, especially in front of an opponent that will once again miss the first choice central defense…

Toulouse will have to do without the couple Zebina (injured) and Abdennour (CAN), instead they will use a converted defensive midfielder (Siriex or Capoue) and a fragile defender (Yago).  Winger Regattin will also be absent due to injury. He will once again be substituted by Norwegian Braaten, a skilled player, but slow like a sloth.

Those that watched Toulouse – Nancy last round can testify that besides long distance attempts, Toulouse failed to create and danger. Ben Yedder and Riviere are not natural born striker, they lack the killers’ instinct. As a consequence, Toulouse relies a lot on incursions in the box from wingers (only from Tabanou now seeing that Braaten is too slow) and long shots.

With an improvised defense and few solution upfront, guests will find it hard to get something from Reims, especiually since the hosts will be pushed by their relegation woes.  Draw no Bet on Reims.


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