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Reims Nantes Preview

reims nantes preview


In terms of possession the game between Reims and Rennes last round was pretty balanced, and only Rennes’ attacking efficiency made the difference (Rennes won 3-1).

With 6 rounds to go Reims are seriously threatened by relegation and need to improve defensively as soon as possible. They have one of the worst defense in the tournament with 1.48 goals conceded per game.

In 2016 they changed system and adopted a more offensive formula with only 3 defenders. All central midfielders are defensive minded and very involved in the game, but they are limited in skills and can’t keep up with fast and inventive opponents.

Coach Guegan needs to make some changes and strengthen the defense, as the relegation zone is pretty close and the schedule is tough, with games against Nice, Marseille and Lyon coming up.

Hosts will welcome back defender Conte after suspension.


In the last two rounds Nantes played against solid opponents and couldn’t find the net. They still performed at decent standards, but the lack of solid playing relations dragged them down. This team has really impressive potential, but building chemistry is a long process.

Nantes sit exactly in the middle of the table and their sole purpose is to improve chemistry and build a competitive team for next year. They afford to make experiments and wrong steps for the rest of the season.

Guests welcome back forward Bammou after suspension.


Reims should be the ones more determined and in control of this game, but given the poor defensive phase, they can easily end up empty handed, especially since Nantes can be very dangerous on counters, thanks to the speed and vivacity of the attacking players.

UPDATE: Hosts will miss winger Diego and defender El Kaoutari

Reims : J.Carrasso, Agassa – Conte, Signorino, Mandi, At.Turan, H.Traoré, Weber – Charbonnier, Bulot, Devaux, Kankava, Oniangué, Ndom – L.Bangoura, Bifouma, De Préville, Siebatcheu, Ngog

Nantes : Braat, Dupé – Cana, Djidji, Dubois, Moimbé, Lenjani, Sabaly, Vizcarrondo – Adryan, Gillet, R.Gomis, Thomasson, B.Touré – Audel, Bammou, Sala, Sigthorsson

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