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Reims – Guingamp Preview

Ever since coach Fournier started using forward Charbonnier Reims stopped scoring.

It’s no joke or exaggeration, Charbonnier was first used as a regular 2 rounds ago, and guess what, two 0-0 draws followed. Regular striker Courtet was pushed on the wing, diminishing his effectiveness.

There was however a factor that pushed coach Fournier to use Charbonnier last round, and that’s the injury of Israeli winger Atar. Now, considering that Atar should return, he will take his usual place on the left wing and Courtet will get back to be the sole striker. This system will leave fragile Charbonnier on the bench.

Otherwise Reims runs at full parameters with both the midfield and defense being very solid and hard working.

For this game central midfielder Krychowiak is injured. He’s an important player, but the central midfield is a place where Reims have many possibilities, almost all at the same level of quality. They can start for example with Albaek – Devaux – Oniangue in the midfield, a formula that will guarantee support for the defense, creativity and stamina.

Opponents Guingamp alternate from one game to another. It is very difficult to rate their performances. For example last round against Bastia they were under moderate domination, but still they were the ones who missed a penalty in the dying seconds and failed to get all the points.

But comparing that game to the earlier rounds something stands out in Guingamp’s play, and that’s the diminished offensive activity.

Their most important offensive players are without doubt winger Beauvue and striker Yatabare. Both of them are less active and inspired with each round that goes by (even if the latter scored last round, he also missed an important penalty and many easy balls).

Against a solid defense (like Reims have) Guingamp will have big headaches in building something. To be honest the biggest teams in France will have problems finding spaces when playing against Reims, for Guingamp it could prove to be impossible.

Considering that there won’t be any major threats coming from Guingamp, Reims should be able to build their actions with patience and confidence and apply a constant pressure.
With Atar back in and Charbonnier out, Courtet will retake his old position and sooner or later will find the winner.

Anything above 2.00 for Reims should be taken without hesitation and at the moment the price on home win is 2.26. The odds compilers overlooked too many factors and we should exploit that.

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