Reims – Guingamp Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Reims – Guingamp Preview

Reims were very unlucky last round away at Lyon (lost 2-1). They defended with lucidity for 90 minutes but conceded in extra time after a goalkeeping mistake.

Besides losing the game Reims also lost important winger Moukandjo due to injury (doubtful for this game). Although not always a starter, Moukandjo can be considered one of Reims’ most important players in the last month as his goals assured many points. The good news is that his absence won’t be decisive, since he started many games on the bench and Reims know how to play without him.

Recently fullback Mandi is getting more involved in the offensive phase without neglecting the defensive duties. His incursions on the right flank can create numerical superiority and often put opponents in difficulty. Recently he also started to try his luck from long distance, and because of precision and power his shots are very dangerous and any potential rebounds can easily end up in the net.

When it comes to luck Guingamp are at the opposite end in comparison to Reims. Guingamp started last round in force, scored two early goals and slowly faded because of tiredness. Opponents Caen scored once but got a red card before finding the equalizer. The game changed completely after the red card and Guingamp ended up getting an easy win (5-1).

If it wouldn’t have been for the red card most likely Guingamp would have exhausted their resources and the final outcome would have been different. Guingamp is the most tired side in Ligue1 as it is also involved in Europa League and can’t afford the luxury to rotate players (small squad).

Whenever Guingamp play fatigue is often visible, especially after Europa League games which is kind of the same as a midweek round in Ligue1…

There is no doubt hosts will be eager to get back on the right track after the disappointment last round (lost in extra time). A tired Guingamp who managed to exit the red one and calm down a bit can be the perfect victim for Reims. Reims -0.25 at 1.97

UPDATE: Great news for Reims as winger Moukandjo made the squad

Reims: Agassa, Placide – Conte, Mandi, Mavinga, Roberge, Signorino, Tacalfred – Bourillon, Devaux, Fortes, C.Glombard, Oniangué, Diego – Charbonnier, Courtet, Moukandjo, Ngog

Guingamp: Lössl, Guichard, Yirango – Sorbon, Sankoh, Kerbrat, Jacobsen, Angoua, Lévêque, Baca – Giresse, S.Yatabaré, Sankharé, Mathis, L.Dos Santos, Mou.Diallo, Pied – Mandanne, Douniama, Beauvue

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