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Reims – Ajaccio Preview

Reims were dominated in the Cup game away at Lyon but still they left a somewhat good impression (lost 3-2).

Last 2 rounds Reims had a difficult time (in spite 1 win and 1 draw) as they missed 2 key players: central defender and captain Tacalfred and central midfielder Krychowiak. Now both of them should return after injury increasing the defensive potential and offering stability in midfield.

Hopefully coach Fournier will start with Fortes and Ayite on the sides and De Preville upfront. When they play in this formula Reims have more speed and creativity. Lately Fournier preferred more defensive players on the flanks and diminished Reims’ offensive potential. But against Ajaccio, who are toothless upfront, both Ayite and Fortes should start.

Ajaccio had no Cup game this week but that won’t make them more prepared for this game. After Ravanelli was sacked Bracconi was appointed new coach, a former director or something, without any kind of coaching experience (maybe on PC games). After a few rounds the results are disastrous and can be seen in Ajaccio’s playing style.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen football players so confused and lethargic.

Last round Ajaccio missed 4 players through suspension, Cavalli, Belghazouani, Lasne and Pierazzi. Now all of them will return. For Ajaccio’s standards those players can be important, especially creative midfielders Cavalli and Lasne, but for Ligue1 standards they are only mediocre players.

What was once (a long time ago) the strongest part of the team, the defense, is also suffering.

Ajaccio is the perfect opponent for Reims to finish the 1st part of the season in style. The price of 1.71 for Reims to win is definitely worth some medium stakes.

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