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PSG – Toulouse Preview

It was hilarious watching PSG defending with 11 players last round against what is probably the weakest team in France at the moment, Valenciennes.

Pretty soon in this rhythm Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (Qatar and PSG’s
boss…) will name himself in the lineup as PSG’s mercenaries will prove to be useless.

Only by seeing PSG’s explosion of joy at the end of the game (1-0 vs Valenciennes) we understand how exhausting the game was for them, both physically and mentally. The expectations are enormous in PSG’s case and soon enough everything will collapse because of that.

It is mainly the fault of the managerial team that proved they are after immediate results and aren’t trying to build a long term project.

The similarities between PSG and Qatar are substantial. Little by little the football club became a dictatorship just like a monarchy without any kind of parliament. Few players have the right to say anything to Ibrahimovic about his attitude or sometimes nonchalant playing style.

Former sporting director Leonardo did that once and as a consequence now is gone (his departure was blamed on a 1 year long ban after pushing a referee, but it was a ban that changed absolutely nothing, maybe lost the power to sign some papers).
Nene, ex PSG, also had a clash with Ibrahimovic about 2 years ago and sometime later found himself forced to leave the team.
The similarity with Qatar is once again striking, since it is a state where writing a poem in which you express your disgust with the way the Al Thani family rules can bring you life in prison.

PSG’s obsession with immediate results leads only to long balls and individual efforts (I admit that sometimes those make the difference due to the money invested in the team…).

Toulose finally picked up some form. They’ve got two victories in a row, coming after convincing performances.

The biggest problem is still upfront where newly arrived Braithwaite is yet to show what he is capable of.
Happily for them, wingers Ninkov and Sylla compensate for strikers’ lack of form and are able to make the difference.

For this game both wingers may have a more defensive role than usual, seeing that playing with a defense in 3 against PSG could be suicidal. That is why Toulouse will most probably use a 5-3-1-1 formation, which will instantly turn into 3-5-2 in the attacking phase.

If we add next week’s Champions League game against Benfica to PSG’s chaotic style we will get a less interested than usual side. PSG’s coach Blanc surely knows that playing in Europe is an entire different story and their current playing style won’t bring them much results. That is why they need to focus to a competition in which they play only 6 games, rather than on one in which they play 38…

Toulouse +1.5 at the odds of 2.04 definitely makes sense.

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