PSG – Lyon Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

PSG – Lyon Preview

PSG’s victory in Champions League was not that easy as most first thought. Two players are mostly responsible for the hard times PSG went through, both of them young, inexperienced and prone to making mistakes, defensive midfielder Verratti and central defender Marquinhos.

If in Verratti’s case it’s all about attitude (his interventions are too savage) and his performance can be improved with just an advice from the coach, Marquinhos’ case is a lost one. He always makes childish mistakes even if he plays for only 10 minutes (like it happened vs Olympiakos).
PSG paid 32 million euros for Marquinhos only to concede stupid goals. But that’s what you get when the money invested it’s inherited because of God’s given right and not earned by working… Marquinhos is not worth half that money no matter he’s only 19. But at least he is just a bench warmer…

Otherwise PSG look pretty good. They have an issue on the right flank where Jallet / Van der Wiel advance a lot and teammates fail to cover.
But in this case I do not think Lyon have enough power to exploit the open space.

Knowing the game against PSG is coming up Lyon fully concentrated on Europa League. They used the best team possible in the midweek against Betis. We can clearly understand what Lyon’s priorities are and what’s their confidence in upcoming game against PSG…

Tiredness surely accumulated as Betis proved to be a tough nut to crack. The field was like a war zone and Lyon are counting the victims. Forward Briand will surely miss, while central defender Umtiti is doubtful, same as striker Gomis.

Umtiti made many errors that remained unexploited, but against Ibrahimovic Lyon won’t have the same luck. Gomis’ presence also won’t make any difference. He started scoring lately but it’s just opportunism and nothing else. Lyon can clone him and start with 2 Gomis upfront, it will be useless against PSG’ defense.

PSG are fresher, more confident and better from all points of view. PSG -1.5 at the odds of 2.00 should pay without emotions.

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