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PSG – Bordeaux Preview

Former tennis player and close friend of Qatar’s Emir, Nasser Al-Khelaifi (PSG’s president) does it again. Al-Khelaifi has access to what seems to be infinite resources so his lack of football knowledge doesn’t matter in these conditions…

[restrict paid=true level=1]PSG transferred-in central midfielder Cabaye for about 24 mil EUR. Leaving aside the fact that a central midfielder was not really what PSG needed, this move can only hurt Cabaye’s career.

First of all at Newcastle Cabaye was always in the center of attention, but this won’t happen anymore at PSG. Secondly PSG already have 3 undisputed regular midfielders: Motta who’s got a powerful personality and is indispensable for the defensive phase, Matuidi who plays the best football of his life (peak of his career) and Verratti who is the perfect link between defense and offense. There is also young Rabiot on the bench whose skills are undeniable.

Cabaye will only be used as a rotation player. This will only prevent all central midfielders (Cabaye included) to achieve maximum potential and will of course hurt PSG overall. Being out-of-form with the World Cup approaching fast could mean disaster for Cabaye’s career… When trying to explain the decision to buy Cabaye, Nasser Al-Khelaifi said, among other things: “I heard he’s a good guy”…

But enough about Al-Khelaifi and Cabaye, they aren’t the ones paying our bills after all.

Last round away at Guingamp, PSG had to do without central defender Silva. Young Marquinhos was the replacement and like always he made a decisive error. This time it was a placement mistake at a corner. Luckily for PSG defender Silva should return after injury, same as winger Lavezzi.

Upfront PSG held the ball, moved it around, but failed to create dangerous chances. Regarding creativity PSG seem to be in a standstill.

It was surprising to see Bordeaux score last round, especially twice and against an organized team (won 2-0 over St Etienne). Their goals came following a corner and a box agglomeration. In-spite that “achievement” Bordeaux still have offensive problems.

Coach Gillot made a weird decision and dropped winger Faubert from the squad last round. Faubert may have been punished for the weak performance in the Cup game, but everyone must know that especially at the end of 2013 Faubert was a key player and responsible for many of Bordeaux’s points.

Bordeaux should welcome back attacking midfielder Obraniak, and forwards Jussie and Hoarau. At a first sight it seems Bordeaux can improve offensively because of those returns, but if Gillot is a smart coach all of the mentioned players will start only on the bench. Obraniak lacks forms and made crucial errors in 2014, Hoarau hasn’t adapted yet at Bordeaux, and Jussie was sidelined a long time due to injury. If at least one of them will start from the 1st minute Bordeaux will be weaker.

Central midfielders Traore and N’Guemo were imperial last round. Nothing got past them. It will be difficult even for PSG to open up Bordeaux, especially since hosts aren’t that creative nowadays.

This game won’t look like the one in the Cup 2 weeks ago (PSG won 3-1). Marquinhos played for PSG…and on home ground Bordeaux were more courageous, but it won’t be the case now.

There shouldn’t be many goals in this encounter. Under 3 goals at the odds of 1.75 is a very decent bet. But given the names of the players involved only low to medium confidence.

UPDATE: Looks like Obraniak signed with Werder Bremen. Tough luck for Werder…[/restrict]

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