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PSG – Anderlecht Preview

Not much can be said about this game and just like the previous encounter the winner is already known.

Some may say the ball is round and everything is possible, but exactly because the ball is round there shouldn’t be any doubts regarding the winner…

The only question is by how many? In the first game in Belgium Anderlecht stood no chance. They were surprised by PSG’s fast actions on the wings, through balls or long balls that bypassed the entire defense.
Even when Anderlecht realized what’s going on they could not do anything to stop it.

Furthermore Anderlecht will miss top-scorer Suarez, ruled out for the rest of the season. Winger Gillet may also miss through injury (doubtful at the moment). Anderlecht’s offensive potential will be severely reduced and I just can’t imagine how they will be able to score against PSG, when they couldn’t achieve that on home ground when circumstances were more favorable.

PSG rested fullback Maxwell against Lorient. Also Matuidi and Lavezzi played about 20 mins. Central defender Silva and Ibrahimovic seem to be ok and fit for action but most probably they won’t be risked and will start only on the bench.

Even without Ibrahimovic, PSG proved they have what it takes to open most defenses in the world. Especially winger Lucas is in great form and running high on confidence.

With Suarez injured and only mathematical chances to qualify, Anderlecht will be more defensive than usual, trying only to limit the number of goals conceded. But against PSG that’s suicidal tactics.
Lucas’ actions on the wing, the long balls taking the entire team out of play and the tunnels created for Cavani will once again make the difference.

I see PSG scoring at least 3 and conceding none. PSG -2.5 at the price of 1.89 looks great.

UPDATE: Ibrahimovic is fit and in the group of players, but Cavani was left out due to injury.

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