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PSG is only a hobby

PSG’s fans should be wondering: where are the results? Let me tell you why this question is necessary under the current circumstances.

After making the difference between transfer fees spent and received we get to a total of 84 million Euros spent by PSG this summer.

This sum was made available by the Al Thani family with the sole purpose of maintaining hegemony in Ligue1. 3 players are mostly responsible for this high sum: Cavani, Digne and Marquinhos. All transfer fees are inflated and none of these players truly has the level imposed by their transfer fees.

It was of course expected that any team in the world dealing with PSG will ask for unreasonably high amounts that will eventually be paid, after realizing the Al Thani family have access to unlimited resources and are willing to blindly spend money on what is believed to be a hobby of theirs.

Getting back to the 84 millions spent this summer. After 6 rounds PSG have the exact number of points as last season, 12 points, but now they aren’t topping Ligue1 as last season. Besides not being leaders, their playing style is uglier, they rely on luck more than ever and they can barely create anything without long balls.

The 84 millions didn’t make any difference since PSG decreased in value in comparison to last season. Those funds could have been spent in upgrading PSG’s youth academy, seeing that most facilities haven’t enjoyed a single penny since the Qataris took over.

We can draw a couple of conclusions from this: the club relies on a chaotic strategy made by Sheik Nasser al-Khelaifi (a former tennis player), the owners are after immediate results and do not think at a long term project. Just like former coach Ancelotti said about a month ago: “The first six months were good. But the following season, I understood that club officials had changed their minds. They didn’t have the idea of a project, but of immediate results.

PSG’s future will be very similar to Malaga’s. At Malaga the miracle lasted about 3 years until the Qataris lost interest and found new hobbies… What followed was an exodus of players and pretty soon the club will change its objective to avoiding relegation.

Fans should start asking for assurance of good lasting intentions. Otherwise they will be the ones suffering the most when seeing PSG fighting for survival.

Coaches and players come and go, so do rich and spoiled owners, but fans last for a lifetime…

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