Nice Strasbourg Betting Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Nice Strasbourg Betting Preview

Nice are sitting on two consecutive Ligue 1 defeats, and they aren’t doing any better in Europa League, where they lost on home ground against Lazio (finished 3-1).

In the attacking phase everything looks good, with Balotelli and Plea upfront. But lately there is almost no support for defenders, and Nice can end up conceding 4 goals per game, like two rounds ago against Marseille.

Strasbourg increased efforts lately and picked up 2 points in the last two rounds. We can’t exactly say this is a great achievement, but at least they managed to score 3 goals against European candidates Marseille.

Lately they are more active in the offensive phase, as central midfielders assume more attacking responsibility. Defensive wise they are still struggling, especially now since midfielders started to advance more.

There are no changes in Strasbourg’s squad in comparison to last week. Hosts will be without midfielder Seri and forward Balotelli.


Betting on goals would have been an obvious choice, but not when Nice are without best passer Seri and key forward Balotelli.

Strasbourg: Karama, Oukidja – Seka, B.Koné, Salmier, Lala, Foulquier – Grimm, Aholou, J.Martin, Gonçalves, Lienard, Nogueira – Sacko, Terrier, Blayac, Da Costa, Bahoken

Nice: Cardinale, Benitez – Souquet, Marlon, Burner, Le Marchand, Jallet, Dante – Lees-Melou, Sneijder, Walter, Mendy, Lusamba, Koziello – Saint-Maximin, Plea, Srarfi, Mahou.

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