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Napoli – Marseille Preview

After the win in France two weeks ago Napoli keep on cruising in Serie A also.

If at the back they sometime appear to be fragile, the attack is simply world class and able to penetrate any defense. Fullback Maggio will return to increase the defensive potential, after being suspended in the internal competition.

In the first game Napoli’s superiority on the flanks made the entire difference. Now it will be even harder for Marseille since they will miss fullback Fanni through injury, while the other fullback, Morel, is losing form and confidence as often as we change socks.

He keeps on making childish and in the same time decisive mistakes that cost Marseille important points. Coach Baup is definitely ill intentioned by continuing to use Morel, especially since possible replacement Mendy proved to be a solid choice.

This is not the only weird decision coach Baup made. He prefers mediocre Jordan Ayew to experienced and talented players like Gignac and Khelifa. Furthermore he makes symbol Gignac play only 30 seconds which is nothing less than a mockery to Gignac, the club and the fans.

Baup’s days in Marseille should be over soon, he knows it well. Through all his weird decisions he only tries to push the board in sacking him earlier. At Marseille he is paid somewhere around 120.000 EUR per month, but he’s got other offers, for instance coaching the Moroccan national team could bring him 180.000 EUR per month. Being sacked earlier also means receiving a healthy cancellation fee. So now you know why Marseille plays with average Ayew and daydreaming Morel.

Big Ayew will return from suspension straight into the lineup, diminishing Marseille’s offensive potential (winger Thauvin is much more dangerous).

Napoli’s fast and talented wingers will have blast, seeing that fullback Fanni is still injured for Marseille, and the other fullback Morel appears to be on sedatives.

The low odds on Napoli are justified. All the factors are present for this to turn into a trashing. The odds of 2.13 for Napoli -1.5 are very valuable.

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