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Nantes Montpellier Preview

nantes montpellier preview


It was a balanced game between Reims and Nantes last round, and only Reims’ extra motivation made the difference in the final 10 minutes (Reims won 2-1).

Nantes are sitting on 3 consecutive defeats, and although they are performing at decent standards, the lack of motivation is clearly dragging them down.

Coach Der Zakarian is continuously making changes, mainly in the offensive department, and players seem preoccupied mostly by their own achievements, instead trying to win points as a team.

But in the end Nantes can not be blamed, they have a young and beautiful squad and earned the right to make experiments in the final rounds.

Hosts will have to do without forward Bammou who is suspended.


It is a mystery how come Montpellier failed to find the net last week, seeing they managed to create plenty of scoring opportunities (lost 2-0 against Lyon).

In theory Montpellier can still relegate, but their schedule is accessible, with a home game against Troyes next week.

It’s been a while now since Montpellier last won a game, but they always prove to be tough opponents and results should improve in the final rounds, especially since they are threatened by relegation.

Guests may miss midfielder Saihi who suffered an injury last round.


This game can be good live betting material. Both sides should play a waiting game in the first part of the game, and there are good chances for the rythm to increase in second half, and we can even see a couple of late goals.

UPDATE: Nnates will have to do without forwards Sightorsson and Bammou, and fullback Sabaly

Nantes : Braat, Dupé – Cana, Djidji, Dubois, Lenjani, Kwateng, Walongwa, Vizcarrondo – Adryan, Gillet, Bedoya, R.Gomis, Thomasson, B.Touré, A.Touré – Iloki, Sala, M’Laab

Montpellier: Pionnier, Jourdren – Deplagne, Hilton, Rémy, Roussillon, Congré, M.Ndiaye – B.Dabo, Skhiri, J.Marveaux, J.Martin, Boudebouz, Wüthrich – M.Yatabaré, So.Camara, Bakar, Ninga

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